My name is Max Tercel. I am an entomologist and zoologist in training. I like to read, apply, and learn at every opportunity; by that, I mean I sometimes lock myself away in a room for 48 hours reading a book or collection of scientific papers, whilst the next week I may be experiencing the cold, driving wind of nature for just as long. Having fallen in love with animals shortly after I was able to walk, I’ve been observing the natural world in a concerted way ever since. The sound of a buzzard calling overhead, the flutter of a dragonfly catching its prey over a pond, the march of a column of ants along a tree branch – these are the things that drive and fascinate me. I try to apply what I’ve learned in the library to the things I can see and feel.

I am but a fledgling though. Born in 1993, I hopefully have a long career of insight and adventure (be it physical or mental) ahead of me. After studying a BSc in Zoology with Herpetology at Bangor University, I am now studying an MSc in Entomology at Harper Adams University. My writing to date has been almost entirely focused on entomological matters, and I hope to diversify into other subjects. As well as producing high-quality articles about insects, I have a broad field of interests and would like to produce articles on zoology more broadly, philosophy, and perhaps even art (at a push).